Medi Facial

What Is Medi Facial ?

As the name implies, Medi-Facial is a new age treatment that combines medicine and facials. Unlike a salon facial, your skin will not be bleached with chemicals in this case. This is more of a medicated facial treatment that contains skin-beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It not only gives the skin an instant glow, but it also nourishes it, reducing the effects of ageing without causing any long-term harm.

At DYU Woman and Child Care Medi-facials are performed under the supervision of qualified doctors, making them effective not only for achieving that bright and flawless appearance, but also for providing long-term nourishment and rejuvenation to your skin. The best part about Medi-facials is that they replenish your skin from within and are suitable for all skin types - even the most sensitive!

Why should you go for Medi Facial?

Medi-facials are becoming increasingly popular; many celebrities have adopted and promoted this Skin Treatment to raise awareness.

However, there are several legitimate reasons why getting a Medi-facial can be extremely beneficial for you, such as -

  • The skin is very calmed and soothed after this treatment. It includes not only all of the necessary products, but also advanced tools for the best results. The therapist employs them and applies the appropriate amount of pressure at the appropriate points to assist your skin in relaxing, glowing, and renewing itself from within.
  • Due to frequent bacterial breakouts, skin that is prone to acne confronts many challenges. Medi-facials support a healthy oil balance by exfoliating the skin and facilitating anti-acne serum penetration into the layers.
  • Anti-ageing serums are used in our reviving Medi facials to help you look young for a longer period. The dermal collagen and elastin levels of the skin are tightened and lifted by radiofrequency technology. You can just say goodbye to all the outward indications of ageing.

Types of Medi-Facial

DYU offers various types of specialised Medi-facials based on your skin type and needs, such as acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, mature skin, skin with some laxity, under eye dark circles, and stress-prone skin, all at an affordable Medi-facial cost.

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