Water Training

Newborn babies are already trained in water environments, so we really don’t need to teach them much. We only need to give them the opportunity to use what they have learned in utero. Providing an opportunity for baby to move in the water is an ideal way to develop not only a stronger body, but a more active brain. How does physical activity cause the brain to grow? The simple answer is stimulation. If a baby receives extraordinary stimulation, the brain will store an extraordinary amount of information. This is the foundation of human ability. Water-training stimulates the brain’s sensory areas. The back part of the brain is dedicated to incoming sensory information from our environment. This includes the visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), gustatory (tasting), and olfactory (smelling) senses. Everything we learn in our lifetime (everything Einstein ever learned in his lifetime) is the result of what the brain takes in through these five senses.

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