Empower RF

What Is Empower RF

A treatment for intimate wellness

Dyu offers breakthrough treatments designed for women’s intimate wellness. This innovative, safe, effective solution for delivering life changing technologies that uses bipolar radio frequency (RF) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)

  • Leaky bladder/ urinary incontinence
  • Weak pelvic muscles
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Post-delivery pelvic muscle rehabilitation
  • Mild-moderate prolapse
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Decreased libido

Most patients find it

  • Very comfortable
  • Safe
  • Painless
  • No surgery
  • Avoids medications-that have side effects like organ- damage when taken for a long time.
  • Walk-in and walk-out procedure
  • No side effects
  • 95% satisfaction rates

Reclaim your self confidence

  • Turn back the years / moments missed
  • Speak your problems out- don’t suppress them
  • Bust the myst that it is a part of normal aging
  • Bust the myth that it is a part of being a woman
  • Bust the myth that nothing can be done

We have bought the global technology to India to help our women

Are you looking for intimate issues solution??

Then you are on the right page

Dyu is India’s 1st centre to have all the life changing and non-surgical solutions to all your intimate area issues

  • Have you undergone more than 1 childbirth?
  • Do you loose down there?
  • Do you leak urine without you knowing?
  • Is having intercourse painful?
  • Have you reached menopause?
  • Not enjoying intercourse anymore and feeling dry down there?
  • Do u want to feel 10 years younger there?

Then we can turn the time for you with our non-surgical, pill-free and virtually painless treatments

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures

1. FORMA V A vaginal wand that provides uniform volumetric deep heating for collagen and elastin formation to tighten the vaginal canal.

2. V-tone - rehabilitates weak pelvic floor muscles and tissues.

3. MORPHEUS8 V Intravaginal sub-epithelial remodeling of tissues increases blood supply and lubrication and for better and stronger orgasm.

4.Fotona laser Vaginal rejuvenation can be obtained by its photothermal effects with its SMOOTH MODE.

We customize each treatment According to patients age, concerns and desired results. Visit our doctor today and learn more about our treatments

Introducing our innovative technology for the first time in india for the intimate issues solution

TIMEWALKER FOTONA LASER has 4 unique life-changing solutions

1. PROLAPLASE Pelvic organ Prolaplase (POP) or something hanging below effect is a very common problem affects 50% of women to some degree. Photothermal refectory of the laser causes tightening and contracts the vaginal canal

2.INTIMALASE The vaginal canal loosens after childbirth as well as aging. Laser photothermal causes non surgical vaginal tightening.

3.INCONTILASE A solution to leaky bladder, photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal towards the urine bag/ bladder solves any urine dribbling issues.

4.RENOVALASE Treats vaginal dryness/ atrophy. Photothermal effects cause functional restoration of vaginal mucosa.

Also any vaginal discolouration around the outside is treated, rejuvenation and improvement in the blood supply to the clitoral hood area increases orgasm and improved appearance of any wrinkly or thin lips of the intimate area on the outside.


  • Non surgical
  • Painless
  • No cuts
  • No anaesthesia
  • No medications that can cause side effects
  • Non hormonal
  • Office day procedure
  • No downtime
  • 100% safe, clinical studies backed

It does so many things in 1 shot!!
We Customized each treatment according to the patients age, concerns and desired results

Introducing our innovative technology for the 1st time in India for intimate issues.

AVIVA- scarless labiaplasty

Are you experiencing discomfort in your genital area due to large vulvar tissue?

Experiencing irritation and discomfort when having Intercourse, wearing tight clothes, exercising?

Loose tissue in the vaginal area can cause other health concerns for a woman.

It helps to restore the normal function and anaesthetic appearance of the genital area.

  • Advantages of this technology
  • Effective and safer to use since the treatment protects soft tissue from any risk of thermal injury
  • Improves the appearance of the genital area and restores confidence
  • Reverses signs of aging in the female genital area
  • Increases comfort during sports, exercise, or other physical activity
  • Lack of incision means no scarring or extensive damage to sensitive tissue
  • Minimizes discomfort and downtime after treatment in comparison to traditional surgical options.

We customize each treatment according to patients age, concerns and desired results.

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