G shot

What Is G Shot?

Who doesn’t enjoy a satisfying, intense orgasm? Unfortunately, many women frequently fail to experience orgasm during sex. This is particularly true in India, where it can lead to other significant concerns such as sexual dissatisfaction in relationships.

FACT: Only approximately 18.4% of women indicated that intercourse alone was sufficient for an orgasm, according to a survey conducted in the USA in 2017. G-Shot is a straightforward clinical procedure that enables a woman to experience greater orgasmic intensity and better sexual satisfaction.

The G-shot is a cosmetic procedure to enhance sensitivity of the Grafenberg spot for increased sexual sensitivity and sexual pleasure. Here at DYU Healthcare we use Advance medical techniques to increase the sensitivity of the vaginal wall at the G-spot leading to easier vaginal orgasms.

German physician Ernst Gräfenberg first identified a separate sexual area on the vagina’s inner top wall in 1950. The term “Gräfenberg Spot” or “G-Spot” refers to this area.

Interestingly, there is a lot of debate concerning the G-existence Spot’s among the female population. The G-Spot is a sensitive area of the front wall of the vagina, not a discrete physical portion of the vagina (the upper wall, i.e., toward the clitoris).

Contrary to earlier theories, the clitoris is actually a large network termed the “clitoral network,” of which G-Spot is a part. It is not merely a nub at the end of the vulva. Thus, the G-Spot essentially belongs to a region that the clitoral network has defined.

How To Find The G-Spot?

First off, not all women have the G-Spot in the same place. From one person to another, it differs. However, the G-Spot is normally located along the front wall of the vagina, 2 to 4 inches inside from the clitoris.

The woman can place any of her fingers within the vaginal opening and softly touch the vaginal wall toward the belly button in a “come hither” gesture to identify the G-Spot. Keep an eye out for the location where the sensation is the strongest and where the area seems more sensitive. Additionally, it can occasionally feel somewhat protruded, swelled, bulged, or have a peeing sensation.

The remainder of the G-Shot method is very simple once you’ve located the G-Spot.

G-Shot Procedure

Dr. David Matlock in the United States of America developed the G-Shot, also known as “G-Spot Amplification(r) or GSA, which is a relatively quick, easy, and non-surgical clinical procedure that can temporarily increase the G-Spot in sexually active women.

The G-Shot aims to increase women’s sexual satisfaction by adding engineered hyaluronan to the G-Spot. A collagen-based filler called hyaluronan is frequently present in skincare products. In order to distribute the hyaluronan, local anaesthesia is used.

The idea behind this method is that a stronger G-Spot will eventually lead to more intense sexual satisfaction.

What Can I Expect Out Of G-Shot?
  • Increased sex arousal
  • More sexual satisfaction
  • Achieving many orgasms or Orgasms more easily
  • Enhanced overall sexual
Are There Any Risks Associated With G-Shot Procedure?

The entire treatment process with the G-Shot is incredibly quick and safe, usually requiring only 15 minutes.

Less than 1% of the time, bleeding and infection are the procedure’s main dangers.

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